Why did you choose Modulex to brand your own company?

Primarily, scalability…. my team was doing local, regional and national work but with a supportive partner like Modulex, we are able to expand our production, people, location and process capacities. We can scale at or to the level a client wants us to be.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

Up to 2021, I have not learned much on Modulex support. However, with the extended services Modulex is starting, being able to grow my company with programs like TeamMates is pretty attractive.

What is the greatest advantage of being a Modulex branded partner?

The support teams

Would you recommend Modulex branded partnership to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

Yes, but of course to the right style of the company. Modulex is not a commercial sign, race to the bottom brand. Representing the Modulex name means your people and processes are above the industry bar.