Robert Čanak
Managing Partner
Modulex Croatia


Why did you choose Modulex to start your own company?

Being one of the most known industry leaders globally, we felt it is a great opportunity for the next chapter in our career. Since we were living and working in the Gulf Region for quite some time, building our name in Europe from scratch would take too much time, so joining an established company like Modulex seemed like a right thing to do.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

The support is great. So far everyone we communicated with was really helpful and willing to selflessly share their experience, and it is inspiring to be part of a large community of like-minded, and knowledgeable individuals.

What is the most significant advantage of being a Modulex Team Up?

For us, it is the value of the Modulex brand name, and being part of the continuing tradition/history of Modulex.
Being part of Modulex opens more local and regional doors. Also, the chance to work on large projects that we would hardly get as a small consultancy.
And last but not least, the professional development in form of training sessions and education.

Would you recommend Modulex Team Up to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

With our experience being positive so far, we would definitely recommend Modulex Team Up to professionals on a similar career path.

How has Team Up helped you shape your business life around your own lifestyle?

Prior to joining Modulex we have decided that in our new chapter we want to have a better work-life balance, flexible work hours, and option of remote working.
Being a part of Modulex has enabled us to have this lifestyle.

Would you recommend Modulex expertise, technical support, accounts and marketing to others?

Yes. Being a small consultancy, this is a dream come true. Even though most of the people we communicate are in different time zones, the communication and support is smooth and efficient.