A Modulex TeamMate is an individual looking for the freedom to work independently, but with the power and support of a global organization.

Modulex TeamMates are measured on performance. Work must be completed on time, on budget, and to 100% satisfaction. How and where this work is completed is entirely up to you. As a TeamMate, you have the choice to accept or decline work. It’s in your hands!

Modulex TeamMates are marketed within our group globally. Many of our TeamMates work on projects simultaneously for different offices around the world.


The TeamMate works any time, from any device, anywhere in the world. TeamMates operate using collaborative technology, sharing information, and using our vast number of resources all over the world. At Modulex you don’t get given responsibilities, you take them. We love ambitious individuals with the aspiration to take their career to the next level.

To apply, email your cover letter, online portfolio, and resume to [email protected].


“Working as a Modulex TeamMate has given me the work-life balance that has been missing in my life. My projects are challenging and I am growing professionally.”

Aida Barcelo

Graphic Designer, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“My experience as a TeamMate has been great. I have learned a lot, been able to be involved in many projects and have met some really great people.”

Manuel Botero

Project Designer, Miami, United States

“The TeamMate program has allowed me to work in a flexible environment and helping me reach my full potential”

Daniela Restrepo

Project Manager, Medellin, Colombia

“As a TeamMate, I was able to complete my university studies while working. Now, I am able to travel and my job comes with me.”

Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Marketing & Sustainability, Berlin, Germany

“Working as a TeamMate, I have the freedom to pursue my personal passions as well as be a key part of the Marketing Team”

Amanda Gaydos

Marketing, Alberta, Canada


What makes the TeamMate program different from a regular freelance job?

At Modulex, we don’t think of you as a freelancer. You are a part of the family. We give all our TeamMates access to our intranet for resources, support, advice. You receive all emails, updates, anecdotes and information about the happenings within our company. Over 15% of our global Team is a TeamMate. We have been doing this for a while and have gotten pretty good at it!

Am I guaranteed a certain amount of work?

That isn’t guaranteed; however, the more you deliver on time, quality results to the business units worldwide, the more projects you will receive! There is no shortage of work within the global group, and the more flexible you are about the projects you take on, the more work there will be. We do not recommend exceeding 50 to 60 billable hours per week as we encourage a work-life balance and want to ensure the best quality output.

Does Modulex expect me to be exclusive?

As an independent TeamMate, you own your own business and are not required to commit only to Modulex. TeamMates are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, so as long as you respect that, we are fine with you working for other clients.

If I have to travel, how are my travel expenses handled?

From time to time, a project will require you to travel to a project site. At Modulex, we have a group travel policy in place. This policy outlines how travel is conducted and the business unit you are working on behalf of will ensure reimbursement of expenses incurred.

What types of skills do Modulex look for?

We are largely project design-based, but we have a need for all types of TeamMates! Graphic Designers, Lead Generation Specialists and more. If you have a skill set you think will benefit Modulex, contact us!

I have a full-time job, isn’t this risky?

The TeamMate program isn’t for everyone. We don’t expect you to get into a situation that you are not comfortable with. Many of our TeamMates started part-time, and once they worked with us and discovered how fantastic our company is, they left their current situation to take on more projects for Modulex. As you choose what work you take on, it’s really up to you.

How does payment for my hours work?

At the end of the business day, on the last day of each month, you send an invoice on a Modulex supplied template, with an hours log to the business unit(s) you worked for. They will review and approve the payment. You typically receive (depending on the country) payment within 2 to 7 days after submitting your invoice.

What about my business expenses?

As an independent business person, your expenses are claimed as a cost of doing business expense on your tax return.
If specific expenses are incurred from a project with Modulex, the business unit you are working with will take care of that as long as you mutually agree before the project commences.

Who determines my hourly rate?

You negotiate your rate with the business unit that hires you. Your geographical location plays into how you decide on your hourly or flat project rate. We can advise you on a rate that will be competitive in the group, but at the end of the day, it’s your call whether you proceed on a project.

Can I take time off?

Absolutely! As long as it is planned for and you keep the deadlines and milestones for the projects into account. You’re accountable to the business unit that hired you, so communicate with, and formulate a mutually beneficial plan.