Giacomo Quaglia Testimonial Headshot

Giacomo Quaglia
Managing Partner
Modulex Italy


Why did you choose Modulex to start your own company?

I was introduced to Modulex in 1984 (I was 10) when an uncle of mine brought Modulex to Italy with the first modular signage system with “LEGO letters”.

In 2003 I started working for the company that marketed Modulex in Italy. I remember being fascinated by the beauty, precision and simplicity of the products I sold.

In 2018 I started my new adventure by opening my company with the dream of one day becoming Modulex Italy. So the answer to your question is simple: I chose Modulex because it is synonymous with success, precision, design, group, exclusivity for me.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

INCREDIBLE, starting from the CEO to all his collaborators, my colleagues, they are fantastic they always manage to transfer the best solution to my questions, making me feel an essential part of the team.

What is the most significant advantage of being a Modulex Team Up?

Dealing with top people who know how to manage branding plans all over the world.  For brand implementation plans in Italy, I can get advice from a project manager in Canada, who has a helping hand in Colombia, who produces in Denmark. What can be more global?

Would you recommend Modulex Team Up to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

Sure, if they want to be part of a winning group. Modulex is the right group if you’re going to grow personally, professionally and be able to face increasingly ambitious challenges with the certainty of overcoming them with the help of everyone.

How has Team Up helped you shape your business life around your own lifestyle?

I have always been used to working without looking at the clock or the calendar and being proud of the brand I represent, especially now that I am 100% part of it.

Would you recommend Modulex expertise, technical support, accounts and marketing to others?

Yes! They are all ready to answer my questions in a kind and professional way. Modulex Group is a big family.