Team Up Program

Are you a signage company looking to expand and grow? Do you want to become part of a global brand and network?

Team Up with Modulex to strengthen your position in your local market while you become an international player in the signage solutions industry.

You will have the resources, support, and power of a global brand and the freedom to run your business independently and with minimized risk.

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Whether you are a business seeking a global partner to pursue customers internationally, a local company in need of a strong, globally-recognized brand to target larger customers, or an established company looking for a partnership to increase the value of your business, the Team Up program offers you that opportunity.

We aim to provide our Team Up partners with all the resources, know-how, opportunities, and support to help them grow in the signage and brand implementation industry.

Why Choose Modulex?

The Modulex Team Up program is a business solution for companies in the signage and wayfinding industry looking for a global partner to support their growth. Developing your business with Modulex means that you will be supported by an industry leader while doing business independently.

You will do business with minimized risk, international brand recognition and extensive business development support in the form of marketing, manufacturing capabilities, and global reach. Whether you are a thriving regional or national signage company, partnering with Modulex will help you achieve scalability, increase the value of your company, and enable you to follow and support your customers internationally.

Is This the Sign You’ve Been Looking For?

Our program is only as good as the support we offer you. In addition to using the Modulex brand, you will get access to collateral, operational and online resources, networking opportunities, and global marketing support to help you succeed.

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