Water is without question one of the most valuable resources. Without water, there is no life. Protecting and preserving it should be a priority, and this is what World Water Day is about.  

Modulex would like to celebrate World Water Day as a reminder that using water efficiently should be a priority every day, not only today. Any action, from water-saving behaviour to large-scale shifts to water-efficient technologies, will contribute to reducing our consumption of this valuable resource.  

Reduce Power Consumption Screen

In our factory in Billund, Denmark, we work very hard to monitor and reduce water use in our production. We currently use water for processes such as pre-treating materials like aluminium before adding paint to ensure the maximum quality and durability of our products. During the last years, we have reduced the amount of water used in our pre-treatment and have changed the composition of our paints to preserve water. 

Our water consumption in Billund during 2020 was 963m3, 92% lower than our consumption in 1995. Compared to 2019, we have reduced by 26%, from 1.313m3. A large part of this reduction is due to new processes developed and implemented by us, which have helped us save water in our production processes. Another reason is that in the past three years, our factory in Billund has adopted LEAN methodology and has reduced the space of its facilities by 33%, thus reducing the consumption of essential resources like water and electricity.  

Reduction of Plastic and Food Waste

Our water consumption is still an area where we strive to continue improving. Our main areas of improvement are both in further reducing our water consumption and ensuring that our wastewater enters public sewage at drinking-level cleanliness. 


 Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Environmental and Partnership Manager

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