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How does Modulex upcycle?

Our modular products are designed to contribute to a circular economy. Modular systems allow us to disassemble and replace sign elements easily, ensuring that old panels are detachable and recycled.
By designing our products as modules, signs can be upcycled into new sign systems by simply installing a new set of panels and reusing structures that would otherwise become by-product waste. Upcycling minimizes waste and enables customers to transform their signs into new ones with an added environmental value in a competitive way.

How does this help in corporate branding?

At Modulex, we understand the importance of signage in reinforcing corporate image and identity. Signage should have the ability to manage the evolution of a brand and corporate identity. Nowadays, companies can personalize system signs using innovative graphical design and graphics technologies, eliminating the need to require customization for a specific visual outcome. Upcycling helps our customers by making it easier and cheaper to renew their signs or corporate identity while contributing to a circular economy.

Can you upgrade and upcycle signage at the same time?

With modularity, it is possible to upcycle and upgrade into illuminated signs during the process. New LED-illuminated panels, manufactured to replace panels in old signs are like puzzle pieces, allowing to upcycle them into new illuminated signs in a sustainable way. This modular upgrade enables customers to quickly transform or personalize their look through a simple change of panels. With minimal waste and expenses, the user is no longer stuck with an outdated sign and high replacement costs.

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