Written by Erik Sorensen Ruiz

March 18 – 2022.

Reduce Power Consumption Screen

Focusing on waste prevention is the first and best step to fight the current waste problem. At Modulex, we focus on material choice for our signage products that can be long-lasting and optimize the raw materials we use in our manufacturing facilities to minimize waste. We develop modular products that enable our customers to renovate their signage by simply updating components and cutting down waste. Waste levels in our factory in Billund have decreased by 38% since 2011. However, our waste levels depend entirely on our customers’ orders which explain the fluctuations throughout this period. 

In 2021, out of all our manufacturing waste, 48% was recycled in local recycling plants; 46% was disposed of via incineration with energy recovery (WtE), which produces electricity for house heating in Scandinavia, thereby reducing the need for landfill, which is the least desirable options. This makes up 94% of our waste, leaving 6% sent to landfills.  

Reduction of Plastic and Food Waste

Our goal is to increase our share of recycled waste continuously. But our waste mix depends entirely on what products and materials our customers decide to purchase. Therefore, we aim to make our assortment greener by replacing materials that cannot be recycled with ones that can, thus reducing our landfill rates even more and increasing the range of eco-friendly products we offer. By doing so, we aim to help our customers choose their product based on the environmental impact of a sign and move our industry in a more sustainable direction.

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