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As environmental demands become stricter within the corporate world, it is not sufficient for a company or product to be eco-friendly. Customers look for 3rd party references about a company’s values and environmental performance, how products are made, and how they aim to improve. Companies turn towards standards and networks that will guide them in sustainable development.

To accredit, monitor and improve our environmental performance, our factory in Billund has been a member of the Green Network in Denmark for 24 years. In 2022, we received for the 10th time the Green Network Diploma awarded to companies demonstrating ‘companies demonstrating CSR within environment’.

How does the Green Network still help us?

The network offers our team in Billund the opportunity to learn from other members in the network about their approach to sustainability-related actions like ESG reporting, strategy development, how to avoid greenwashing and how to continue monitoring and improving the footprint of your company. This offers beneficial guidance from other companies leading the sustainable way in their industries.

Besides this B2B opportunity for consultancy and guidance, our factory in Billund submits a report with data on its emission, waste and other environmental KPIs, which gets reviewed and approved by experts within the danish Green Network. This data is then ready to be shared with the Modulex network through Modulex Billund’s Environmental Report, having been reviewed and approved previously, ensuring it is compliant with danish environmental regulations.

As members of the Green Network, we can say that we comply with Danish environmental standards and regulations, one of the most stringent in the world.

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Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Environmental and Partnership Manager

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