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In the commitment to be carbon neutral, offsetting can play a valuable role as it allows people and companies to balance their emissions. The KIRKBI Group owns our factory building in Billund. They have invested in two offshore wind farms to generate enough renewable energy to meet KIRKBI’s total energy consumption, including our factory. The result is our Billund factory is 100% CO2 neutral

Equally, prioritizing energy-efficient practices is crucial to reverse climate change in the short run. Our Billund factory has focused on day-shift operations that reduce the need for light. We have transitioned to LED lighting in all our facilities and have adopted efficient technologies such as UV-print. Overall, the combination of responsible energy use and cleaner technologies have reduced our total energy consumption by 46.6% since 2011.

“Equally, prioritizing energy-efficient practices is crucial to reverse climate change in the short run.”

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Sustainability is part of a longer path. Modulex started acting long before it became a priority to everyone.  We must remember that every small step and action we take is part of a much bigger solution.

Businesses are key actors in accelerating the transition to clean technologies that can change our development towards a more sustainable future. By investing in renewable energy sources, prioritizing energy-efficient practices, and adopting clean technologies, companies like ours can help change the status quo of our global energy system.


Erik Sørensen Ruiz

Environmental and Partnership Manager

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