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Written by Erik Sorensen Ruiz

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July 20th – 2021.

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​​​​​​​Our billund factory is working on a new green sign system to be launched in 2022! The journey to create Etronit and GreenBondTM has taught us a great deal about what “green signage” means and how to continue reducing the impact of our products by using low-impact materials. It has enabled us to establish criteria that define sustainable practices in signage and has given us a broader perspective on how to achieve this. Similarly, developing Etronit and GreenBondTM has shown how sustainable our architectural sign systems are due to their upcycling abilities and modular design.

Altogether, this has encouraged us to think about how to use materials and designs to create an even “greener” product. Unlike Etronit and GreenBondTM, this new product will not only be new material, nor will it simply replace any existing material – it is a completely different approach. Our aim is to develop a sign system with a focus on the environment, which achieves a positive environmental impact and presents a novel, high-end design.

Our expertise in eco-friendly signage solutions is driving the development of this upcoming sign family, where our aim is to select the most sustainable features. We prioritize four main aspects to achieve this: circular economy, recycled materials, low carbon footprint and updatability. The material we choose will be generated from waste or recycled materials, thus closing the material loop, and contributing to a circular economy. While still under development, we have already tested a wide variety of materials that meet these four pillars, ranging from mineral-based and plant-based materials to 100% recycled substrates, and even recycled carpets!

This product will move away from the typical signage design by introducing an innovative and vanguardist design that will not go unnoticed! To ensure that the design and graphical possibilities are not constrained by the material used, we have followed a different pathway than the one for Etronit and GreenBondTM. In this case, the design was established first, and the material will be selected to match the needs of the product design and technical features. Despite slowing the process, this ensures that both high-quality design and a positive environmental impact will be achieved.

While there are still some uncertainties, this new green product represents our persistence and commitment to sustainability and high quality. With a new green launch, we aim to continue our trajectory in leading the signage industry as sustainable manufacturers and hope to convince our customers of the potential of green Modulex signage.

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In recent years, the need for sustainable signage has rapidly grown to match the architectural, environmental concern. At Modulex, we have unceasing in the search for new sustainable signage materials.