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Written by Erik Sorensen Ruiz

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January 26 – 2022.

Reduce Power Consumption Screen

Throughout this process, our Billund team will work with a digital platform that will guide the process. This digital solution is easy to use and requires few internal resources to manage. During the coming 12 months, nine areas of focus will be addressed as a part of this transition: Ventilation, Production, Behaviour, Grants, Electricity, Emissions, Heat & Water, Procurement, Financial Accounting and Reputation. For each area, the engine offers personalised recommendations based on data input from Modulex Billund and the platform’s database from previous users, which will help improve and reduce energy consumption for each area.

Our factory in Billund’s goals with this partnership are to reduce 10-30% electricity consumption by the end of 2022 and achieve a reduction in emissions of 50% by 2030. Moreover, COMPLETE 7 will assist Modulex Billund in integrating ISO 50001 (Energy management) into ISO 14001 – this will incorporate concerns about energy efficiency into the environmental management system.

Reduction of Plastic and Food Waste
Reduce Power Consumption Screen

The transition the corporate world must undergo in the coming years is not an easy one. It is a complex task that involves re-thinking every aspect of how a company operates to find better ways to do business. At Modulex, we are aware of what this culture change entails which is why we have chosen to start now. Doing business sustainably is our priority, and we are ready for whatever it takes to get there!

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