At Modulex, we strive to do better and be better. We continuously raise our environmental standards with our sustainable practices remaining at the forefront of our productions. We work to increase resource and energy efficiency constantly, minimise our ecological footprint and achieve a positive environmental impact.

We understand that resource and energy efficiency are crucial factors in mitigating our environmental impact. That’s why we have implemented rigorous measures to increase efficiency across our operations. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to minimize our resource consumption and maximize efficiency.

As a sustainability and innovation hub within Modulex, our Billund factory holds the ISO 14001 certificationthe world’s most respected environmental management system. This enables Modulex to improve its environmental management and promote sustainable development systematically and purposefully. The certification is a guarantee for our customers of high-quality sustainable operations, while ensuring that our management practices and processes meet international requirements.


In 2022, our factory in Denmark received the Green Network Diploma awarded to “companies demonstrating corporate social responsibility to the environment”. By incorporating greener signage solutions within our assortment, we support customers achieve their environmental goals and ensure continuous improvements are met for sustainability within Modulex.

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CSR Policy

You can download our Corporate Social Responsibility policy here.


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GreenBondTM revolutionises the signage market with a sustainable alternative to ACM plates, reducing carbon footprint by 41% and blending shock-proof durability with high ecological standards, setting new industry benchmarks.


Etronit sets a new standard for sustainable signage with a 53% lower carbon footprint than acrylic, offering elegant and adaptable designs combined with cleaner production and recycled content for green architectural projects.


ReBond, a collaboration between Modulex, Dansk Wilton, and Elektro-Isola, transforms carpet waste from the hospitality industry into sustainable architectural signage through a unique process, while addressing environmental concerns across industries.

Green Cast®

Green Cast®, made from 100% recycled acrylic content, decreases its carbon footprint by 75% compared to new acrylic by repurposing manufacturing scraps and post-consumer waste, preserving resources without sacrificing durability or functionality.

Modularity & Upcycling

Our modular signage systems promote a circular economy by enabling the reuse of sign structures with new panels, cutting waste and costs while extending product life and meeting evolving needs through upcycling. Through modularity, users can embrace circularity and reduce the long-term impact of their signage.

Carbon Modelling

Our carbon calculation tool enables us to model the embodied carbon emissions within signage projects, allowing us to extract key analytics that helps us understand the impact distribution within every aspect of our projects down to each detail. By mapping the ecological footprint of our operations, we can also identify potential savings and make data-based decisions to guide the material and design choices during the planning stages and throughout the implementation, ultimately reducing the footprint of their project.

We support clients by providing project-specific metrics which help us understand which aspects of their project represent the highest ecological impact and directly influence decisions to reduce carbon emissions pre-emptively. Likewise, we also provide end-of-project metrics, which provide their clients with carbon emissions data for their projects.

While still in development, this new service is the way we envision projects in the future: tailored analytics allow us to meet our client’s CO2 budget and allow us to reduce the overall impact of our operations while continuing to deliver high-quality signage projects on brand and on time.