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At Modulex, we strive to do better and be better. We continuously raise our environmental standards with our sustainable practices remaining at the forefront of our productions. We work to increase resource and energy efficiency constantly, minimise our ecological footprint and achieve a positive environmental impact.

We understand that resource and energy efficiency are crucial factors in mitigating our environmental impact. That’s why we have implemented rigorous measures to increase efficiency across our operations. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to minimize our resource consumption and maximize efficiency.

In 2022, our factory in Denmark received the Green Network Diploma awarded to “companies demonstrating corporate social responsibility to the environment”. By incorporating greener signage solutions within our assortment, we support customers achieve their environmental goals and ensure continuous improvements are met for sustainability within Modulex.

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As a green and direct UV-printable material, GreenBond™ covers a vast gap in the signage market by offering a simple and clean alternative to the popular ACM (aluminium composite material) plates, but with a carbon footprint of 41 % lower. This material offers ecological standards that other signage materials like ACM cannot provide: recycled content, cleaner production and a lower carbon footprint.

GreenBond™ signs are simple, sustainable and highly adaptable, matching perfectly with most environments. Besides its environmental advantages, GreenBond™ has identical applications and resemblance to ACM plates but is significantly more shock-proof. This is very useful in preventing bent edges and other damage during transportation, often the case with ACM plates.

By choosing GreenBond™, customers enjoy not only the environmental benefits of a lower carbon footprint and recycled content but also the peace of mind that comes with a material that prioritizes sustainability. GreenBond™ is a game-changer in the signage industry, meeting the demands for both eco-consciousness and practicality.


The need for sustainable signage has rapidly grown to match architectural and environmental concerns. At Modulex, we actively search for new sustainable signage materials that can support green architecture projects.

Etronit offers elegant and high-end aesthetics combined with environmental standards that other materials cannot provide: Cleaner production, lower carbon footprint and recycled content. With almost limitless graphical and texting options added to a timeless design, Etronit fits perfectly with most environments. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to acrylics, with a carbon footprint of 53 % lower.

We are excited to offer Etronit as part of our sustainable signage solutions. By continually exploring and incorporating materials like Etronit, we stay at the forefront of sustainable practices in the signage industry. Together with our customers, we are taking strides towards a more environmentally conscious approach to architectural signage.


Our module-based signage can be upcycled by reusing sign structures and adding a new set of panels. Upcycling minimises overall waste, minimises costs and turns outdated signs into products with a refreshed design and added environmental value. Upcycling helps our customers by making it easier and cheaper to renew their signage whilst contributing to a more circular economy.

Upcycling turns outdated signs into products with a refreshed design and added environmental value. By breathing new life into these signs, we give them a second chance to make a positive impact. Through creative design and customization options, we can transform outdated signage into visually appealing and contemporary solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs.

At Modulex, we are proud to offer upcycling as part of our comprehensive approach to sustainability. We believe that by incorporating upcycled signage solutions, we can help our customers achieve their environmental goals while promoting a more circular and sustainable future.