Webuild S.p.A., a leading Italian multinational group, has established itself as a force in the construction and engineering sector. The company operates in over 50 countries and specializes in executing large-scale civil engineering projects, ranging from dams, hydroelectric plants, and hydraulic works to railways, subways, airports, and highways.

Webuild reached out to our team in Italy to help with the rebranding and replacements of all signs at the Rome and Milan offices. The scope of work undertaken includes the production and installation of identification plaques, totems, and signs for exterior and interior spaces.

The magnitude of the collaboration is reflected in the numbers:
Four large-scale signs, 57 internal logos, 91 plates, 230 plaques outside doors, 320 paintings, 12 internal overviews, 21 non-illuminated signs, and 27 totems. In addition, approximately 200 square meters of sandblasting privacy film have been applied at each branch.

As Webuild continues to lead in the construction industry, Modulex remains a reliable partner, ensuring that every sign tells a story of precision, adaptability, and collaborative success.

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