February 22 – 2023.

Vestre Viken HF is part of the health region Health South-East. The clinics included are, among others, Kongsberg Hospital, Ringerike Hospital, Drammen Hospital, Bærum Hospital and Mental Health & Addiction.

Vestre Viken’s internal campaign encourages employees to take the stairs rather than use the lifts throughout the hospitals. The team in Norway was asked to foil over 70 lift doors in 8 of their locations.

Text on the foil includes phrases such as “Take the stairs”, “Health at every step”, “Less queuing for the patient”, and “Good for the environment”. This type of foiling has been a great success and is the third project where the team in Norway have foiled lift doors with the same kind of message.

The team loved working on this fun project for Vestre Viken HF and is excited to see the outcome of the foiled lift doors once all have been completed.

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