University of Tampa Technology Building

The University of Tampa is located in Tampa, Florida, and offers over 200 programs to more than 8,000 students.

The team in Central Florida were delighted to be asked by the University to help provide interior and exterior signage to many of the buildings on campus.

The scope of the signage included; ADA -(Americans with Disabilities) plaque signs, directionals, artwork labels, ACM – (Aluminum Composite) panels with backlit illumination, the instalment of individual illuminated letters on a faux moss wall, and exterior cast building donor letters on a six-story building.

Much planning went into pulling this project off. The interior illuminated letter sets required creativity as the walls were closed with limited access to wire the letters.

The team achieved this by designing a framed back panel to mount the letters to and concealing the wires and power supplies behind the panel.

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