August 18 – 2021.

Flexible Architectural Signage and Wayfinding For The Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

The size of a small provincial town, the Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) is a leading hospital based in Central Jutland, Denmark, and its expansion covers a site of 1,200,000 m2.

Hospitals have particular requirements in terms of wayfinding with intense demands to support a wide range of users. The AUH staff has over 10,000 employees and complex, including doctors, nurses, transportation and cleaning staff, in addition, visitors, and patients. This broad spectrum of users places great demands on the guidance system.

Ensuring the successful navigation of this immense site has been an essential project for Modulex working in conjunction with The AUH Group of Consultants and led by C.F. Møller, responsible for the implementation of the interiors, including wayfinding and signage.

The signage has been designed according to a general strategy, which helps users find their way to the right place at the right time, using, for example, internal and external color schemes to facilitate wayfinding.

We implemented Via Architectural Signage, a product designed in collaboration with the international architecture studio C.F. Møller, for indoor with flexible fixing systems adapted to building requirements including suspended (single or double-sided), projecting, monoliths, wall and door signs. And for outdoor Via with energy-efficient LED illumination provides a sustainable solution giving an even distribution of light and enhancing the visibility of strategically vital signs.

“Hospitals are notoriously complex and dynamic environments that for some provoke uncomfortable and stressful emotions. As part of the planning process, and wayfinding strategy was initially developed.

In addition to identifying several supporting architectural and technical elements, the strategy focused on the requirement for a logical and straightforward signage system that communicates instructions and information to help the user feel safe and secure. The location of the signage needed to be consistent, flexible, and simple when it comes to installation, easy to read and demonstrate a strong correlation between indoor and outdoor spaces. At the same time, it was essential for us that the products merged and delivered a high aesthetic concerning the materials and colors of the architectural and scenic environment. I am pleased to say that we are delighted with the result. The Via range has provided us with exactly what we were looking for” says Jon Brøcker, Director of C.F. Møller Design.


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