December 21 – 2021.

Located in Sheffield, UK Storage Company, a commercial and resident storage service company brought on Modulex to supply external building elevation signage. The signage types included were predominantly internally illuminated flex boxes and skins with the company logo and text printed directly on Dibond panels. The flex boxes are installed in high visibility elevations, and Dibond panels are installed when there is less visibility and when elevations cannot carry the full weight of a flexbox. The flex boxes and Dibond panels, made by Northern Sign Cases and RMC Digital Print, are supplied in a variety of sizes, dependent on what the overall elevation dimensions will allow.

Modulex has worked with UK Storage Company in the past and has a good understanding of the client’s needs, but this particular location was slightly more complex than the others. We would generally rely on powered access for installing the signs, but two of the three elevations had limited access due to a fence around the permeator of the building, which made for a narrow path. In order to complete the installation, we had to work alongside a local static scaffold supplier to create platforms for us to stand on to finish the installation. The project was completed ahead of schedule and, in the end, made for a very happy client.

“We worked closely with Malcolm at Modulex Midlands to achieve the vibrant colours we desired at our Telford storage facility. Malcolm was able to provide samples and we are very happy with the end result.”

John LambCommercial Manager, UK Storage Company

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