The Brewhouse

The Brewhouse stands as a testament to the revitalization of an iconic brewery heritage site, once known as the Farsons Brewery. The transformation of this historic landmark, an exemplary concrete reinforced Art Deco building, has been executed with utmost care to preserve its unique aesthetic qualities and architectural excellence.

Entrusted with the responsibility of wayfinding consultancy for this remarkable project, our Malta office has played a pivotal role in designing and providing over 1,200 signs. Also, a substantial number of custom signs were crafted locally, each contributing to the overall ambience of the space.

The design of these signs draws inspiration from the industrial theme, paying homage to the building’s rich history. Specifically, it takes cues from the old pipes that were once suspended from the ceiling and have now been reinstated, seamlessly blending the contemporary with the historic elements of this magnificent structure. The Brewhouse stands not only as a reimagined landmark but also as a harmonious integration of modern design and historical significance.

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