TENTE is a global company that has been operating in intelligent mobility solutions since 1923. TENTE’s castors and wheels set new standards and put influential changes in motion.

The team in Denmark were asked to create exterior signage for TENTE’s office in Hasselager, Denmark. The signage serves practical purposes and reflects the shared values of innovation and forward-thinking that define both companies. This partnership showcases the power of visual storytelling in creating immersive environments that resonate with brand identity and inspire all who interact with the space.

The 5-meter wide illuminated façade sign, adorned with the distinctive TENTE logo, is a striking welcome to the cutting-edge facility. Complemented by a bold monolith at the entrance and clear navigation aids, including gate numbers, EV charging signs, and visitor-friendly parking signs, the team has enhanced functionality and added a layer of sophistication to TENTE’s architectural landscape.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in creating environments that inspire, communicate, and leave a lasting impression, and the team in Denmark is pleased with the outcome of this project.

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