January 2 – 2023.

Polestar, a distinguished Swedish electric vehicle (EV) automotive brand affiliated with Geely and Volvo, has made significant strides in the premium EV segment over the past five years, positioning itself as a formidable contender against industry giants like Tesla.

Under the ownership of our partner, FocusNeo, the management of the Polestar account has undergone a transformative journey. Our Global Accounts Central Europe team, through their dedication and adept global account management skills, have played a pivotal role in shaping this collaboration into a joint effort involving FocusNeo and Modulex GA-CE.

The project scope involves managing manufacturing, logistics, permitting, and installation, each presenting unique challenges. Circumstances such as diverse stakeholders and varying geographic locations add complexity to the task.

Our team’s coordination between multiple manufacturing partners and over 40 installation partners has successfully implemented signage at 70 locations spanning 20 countries, from North America to New Zealand and various places in between.


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