Parque Bicentenario

Nestled on the scenic banks of the Mapocho River, the Parque Bicentenario Muncipalidad Vitacura stands majestically, boasting an expansive 27-hectare expanse. This urban oasis beckons approximately 35,000 visitors every month.

In 2016, our team in Chile took on the incredible task of crafting and bringing to life the entire signage system that breathes new life into this splendid park. From the grand Area Identification Totems, effortlessly guiding visitors, the meticulously designed Directional Signs, ensuring seamless navigation, the essential Location Maps, and the captivating Flora and Fauna Informational Signs, which held fascinating knowledge about the park’s natural wonders.

This project consisted of 179 signs and was completed within two months of the start date.

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