Østfold University College

The team in Norway have been working hard with Østfold University College, located in Fredrikstad, to create a wayfinding plan along with interior and exterior signage.

Østfold University College’s main campus is in Fredrikstad and has around 7000 students and 550 employees. Due to the large number making their way through the campus, it is crucial that everyone find their way around efficiently and simply.

For the exterior signage, the team delivered monoliths with an overview map that had information about the main elements of the building. For the interior signage, the team provided a hierarchy of signs from overview signs, zone signs, building markings and reference signs. In addition to some custom solutions, all wall signs were infinity grids with tactile/braille panels, infinity projecting signs, and suspended signs.

Due to a tight schedule, all signage was fabricated and made in the Billund Factory, apart from the cut-out PVC letters that Dekorima provided. The team is incredibly proud of this project and looks forward to a future project with Østfold University College.

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