Novavax, Inc.

Novavax, Inc. is an American biotechnology company that develops vaccines to counter severe infectious diseases. With their headquarters based in Maryland, the team in the Mid-Atlantic was asked to help create, fabricate and install a signage plan for the Novavax rebrand.

The team embarked on an extraordinary journey to revitalize Novavax’s identity across their five existing buildings, encompassing a comprehensive rebranding including interior and exterior signage. The team reimaged exterior feature identification signage, breathed new life into interior room identification signage, and created informative, cohesive signage inside and out.

The team’s commitment to perfection led to a few challenges. The initial floorplans needed more room numbers, requiring the Mid-Atlantic team to take matters into their own hands. With precision and care, they embarked on a thorough on-site inventory, meticulously identifying each room and documenting existing signage details.

The outcome of this project speaks for itself – a harmonious blend of function and design that resonates with Novavax’s identity. From the grandeur of rebranded exterior displays to the thoughtfully crafted interior room signs, every aspect showcases our dedication to detail and the spirit of collaboration.

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