ME Miami

The ME Miami entices guests and locals alike with unique initiatives that celebrate the city’s distinctive sense of style and its resurgence as an art and culture destination. These include a partnership with renowned fashion photographer Alberto van Stokkum, who will exhibit installations on the first and third floors, in addition to the use of locally inspired design elements – reinforcing the property’s true Miami ethos.

Modulex Miami worked with ME to develop, design, and deliver an environmental graphic design and wayfinding package that connects visitors to the property through thoughtful, and appropriately high-end touches. With special attention to colors, materials, and finishes, the team’s design process ensured that the atmosphere is unforgettable in Miami.

The environmental graphic design and wayfinding for ME Miami are spare but luminous; distinctly illuminating the ME by Meliá brand while being reflective of the designer’s architectural intent – clean, modern, and memorably elegant.

Our team employed custom brushed aluminum signs, the Modulex Infinity sign family with brushed aluminum dimensional letters, and a digital display to accentuate the unique spaces; while an exterior building identification sign accentuates the ME Miami brand and sets the tone for the experience within.

This project continues Modulex Miami’s relationship with Meliá, which includes work with Meliá Braco Village, Jamaica, and the creation of brand-wide signage standards.

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