Katmandu Park

Nestled amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Punta Cana, Katmandu Park is an amusement facility set in nature. Our team in the Caribbean, collaborating with Falcon’s Beyond Global, a themed entertainment company, was asked to provide a scope of signage for the park.

The team in the Caribbean was asked to provide the signage solution for Katmandu Park. The signage included a large exterior monumental entrance sign welcoming guests to the adjacent Meliá hotels and the utilization of Etronit, an eco-friendly signage material, for all interior signage.

Managing the flow of amusement park visitors required innovative approaches to signage placement, ensuring a seamless experience for all. One significant challenge lay in the design language, blending millennial aesthetics with a weathered, Himalayan-inspired appearance while upholding Modulex’s renowned production standards. Mostly, all signage elements were crafted at the Billund factory in Denmark.

Through innovative design, the Caribbean team has created a signage scope that blends the thrill of amusement with the allure of Himalayan heritage.

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A neatly landscaped mini-golf course featuring manicured pathways, rock formations, palm trees, and colorful Modulex bunting flags under a clear blue sky.