IQ Hotels

IQ Hotels Group dates back to 2011, when they opened their inaugural hotel in the heart of Rome. Since then, they have expanded across Italy, opening offices in cities including Milan, Florence, and, soon, Venice.

The team in Italy was asked to help with crucial stages, from initial design concepts to prototyping and the supply and installation of custom signage and wayfinding solutions. While the brand identity remains consistent across all properties, the team ensures that each hotel reflects its respective city’s distinct lifestyle and vibe. This personalized touch is achieved through minor modifications to the visual identity, tailored to capture the essence of each location and provide a unique experience for guests.

Throughout the collaboration, the team have delivered a diverse array of signage elements, ranging from large illuminated signs to temporary PVC banners for special events. Internal and external signage, including plaques and synoptics, have been crafted to blend seamlessly with the hotel’s ambience.

As the team eagerly anticipate the forthcoming opening of the Venice property, they remain dedicated to elevating the guest experience through superior signage solutions, embodying the essence of IQ Hotels’ commitment to excellence in hospitality.