July 21 – 2023.

Industrial Chemicals is an international chemical manufacturer and trader of industrial chemicals. They supply an extensive product portfolio, including both bulk and packed chemicals, to a variety of industries.

ICL reached out to the team in London, UK, to upgrade the look of their headquarters, based in Grays, England, with new signage, not just for brand awareness but also to make the site feel a more professional place for its employees and visitors alike.

Working with ICL, the London team got to create a design signage plan that included monoliths and interior and exterior signage. The main company logo stands on top of the main plant building overlooking the river Thames.

It took many engineers on site, a cherry picker, and a 45-metre crane to lift the 4-metre tall logo, 30 metres high, placing it on top of the building. The letters of the logo are illuminated white at night and show dark blue during the day.

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