Høje Taastrup Rådhus

Situated on the island of Zealand, the Høje Taastrup Rådhus is one of Denmark’s most innovative and unique city halls, representing architectural excellence and distinctive design. In collaboration with PLH Arkitekter, a prominent Danish architectural practice responsible for the building’s design, the team in Denmark took on the responsibility of fabricating and installing three facade signs with lights, along with overseeing all interior glass decorations

The interior signage on the lower levels of the building demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, utilizing tactile print on the sophisticated three mm GreenBond™ material to facilitate navigation for visually impaired individuals. Additionally, a touch of refinement was added to selected rooms throughout the building using brass letters.

The team in Denmark takes great pride in their contribution to this award-winning project, underscoring their dedication to precision, quality, and collaboration in architectural signage.

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