Farmacias Salcobrand

Farmacias Salcobrand is a prominent pharmaceutical chain in Chile who are constantly enhancing its image and visibility by revamping the exterior appearance of its retail locations across the country. Their goal is to create a consistent and eye-catching visual identity that will increase brand recognition and improve the overall shopping experience for customers. To achieve this vision, Farmacias Salcobrand partnered with our team in Chile.

The project’s scope involved the fabrication and installation of exterior lightboxes for 20 pharmacy chain retail locations across Chile thus far. The goal was to create illuminated signage to enhance visibility and brand presence during daytime and nighttime hours.

By combining innovative design, quality materials, and efficient execution, Modulex contributed to elevating its brand’s image and customer experience across its nationwide retail locations.

Farmacias Salcobrand is continuously implementing new corporate images into their branches, and we are proud to be a part of their chosen and preferred providers for this service.

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