Dorsey Parking

Our team in Miami was asked to create the signage scope for Dorsey Parking. The concept aimed to integrate coded signage that creates a visually dynamic and enjoyable element into the typically mundane parking environment. By deliberately using contrasting colours against the grey walls, this project emphasises easy-to-recognize signage, facilitating improved user comprehension of the space.

The team developed a comprehensive design package integrating various components to ensure code compliance and effective wayfinding solutions while imparting a distinctive identity to the parking area. Employing dibond, we crafted a diverse array of signs, including cutout letters, cut-out pictograms, and stencilled numbers in reverse, contributing to the space’s unique visual appeal.

Our team and the client are incredibly proud and satisfied with the final result! 

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A concrete parking garage with a visible yellow number 6 on the wall, indicating the sixth floor. An exit door with a green emergency exit sign and yellow bollards is also seen, reminiscent of the sleek design found in MISSONI BAIA's architectural elements.