Copart, a retail car company that sells used vehicles, hired us to redo and refresh all existing signage at their Bristol location. Due to the nature of this project, an initial survey was carried out to determine what was needed for a successful project that met the client’s needs.

We supplied the client with a scheme drawing before any production and installation occurred. Copart had a better idea of what signage was needed, the location of all signage, what the finished product would look like, and a quote for the whole project. The signage scope, produced by Signfab and RMC Digital Graphics, included Aluminium panels on steel posts, Dibond logo panels and tray panels that outlined various information.

Not only did the drawing scheme aid the client in understanding what their end project would look like, but when it came time for installation, it helped the engineers understand where all the signage was located and install requirements needed. Once the client had signed off on the drawing, production was given the go-ahead, and the installation date was set; all signage was installed on time, leaving one very happy client.

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