The Team in Midlands, UK, have been working with the Belvoir Group, located in Grantham, Lincolnshire, to help them rebrand their company by providing External fascia signage.

Belvoir Group is a UK-based estate agency that has existed for over 26 years and has over 439 offices across the UK. The Belvoir Group have recently undergone a rebranding, and with the help of Modulex, they showcased their new logo and brand at their head office in Grantham.

The existing external signage was individually sprayed aluminium letters on locators, which inevitably meant the team would leave drill holes once the signage was removed. The only solution was to adapt Belvoir’s new logo and offer similar specifications but to mount them to a folded tray panel which would then be installed over the existing signage locations and hide the drill holes.

Aside from the property’s location providing a challenge for the team in terms of minimal parking for the signage that needed to be offloaded, the project was completed on time and to the client’s satisfaction. Discussions were also held regarding internal graphic requirements, which are currently still being discussed by the client. This stage of the project will progress in the not-too-distant future.

The team could not be prouder and hope this is the start of many projects/referrals from the Belvoir Group.

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