Arlo Wynwood

Arlo Wynwood is a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and sustainability in signage design and implementation. Arlo Wynwood is Miami’s hottest new hotel at the heart of Wynwood, putting residents in the hustle of Miami’s thriving art district.

Working with the client Quadrum Global, renowned for being a global real estate development and investment firm, the Miami team was tasked with creating a comprehensive signage scope. This encompassed interior and exterior elements, with approximately 850 interior signs and six exterior signs being designed, fabricated, and installed.

The team encompassed the challenge of installing the largest of the exterior signs, which was located 120’ from the ground. Working with an engineering firm out of New York, the team were able to coordinate engineered drawings and calculations for this impressive engineering feat.

Our factory in Billund played a key role in providing most of the interior signs. A local vendor was also entrusted with fabricating the Unit IDs, featuring acrylic cutout numbers complemented by a braille plaque.

One of the most commendable aspects of the Arlo Wynwood project was its commitment to sustainability. Almost all interior signs were produced using GreenBond™ material, an eco-friendly solution to reduce the project’s environmental impact. As a result of the project’s success, the team has been entrusted with four more ongoing projects with the same client, with GreenBond™ continuing to be the material of choice.

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