Akromion Hospital

Akromion Hospital is the largest private orthopaedic hospital in Croatia. Located in Zagreb, it occupies a total of 2000 square meters on three floors. Our team in Croatia was asked to assist with providing a Design + Build service to improve the overall user experience by implementing a logical wayfinding system within the hospital premises.

The signage project’s primary focus was facilitating easy navigation for patients and visitors. Extensive consultations with hospital staff, including nurses, janitors, and physicians, helped the Croatia team understand the hospital’s layout. This led to developing a strategic zoning plan and a comprehensive numbering system aligned with the hospital’s brand.

The scope extended beyond signage, with the team in Croatia also contributing to the hospital’s interior design. This encompassed space planning, colour selection, and custom furniture design. The signs were fabricated at the Billund factory, ensuring a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics at Akromion Hospital.

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