Aarhus University Hospital – Parking Signs

Aarhus University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Denmark; with over 74 departments within the hospital, it is significant that visitors and staff alike can easily access and find their way around the hospital’s car park.

The team in Denmark has been working with Aarhus University Hospital to design, produce and install Parking Signs for visitors and staff arriving at the hospital.

The individual car parks consist of 2-meter-high pylons with a display showing the number of available spaces left or used. The team assisted by providing two Pylons sizes consisting of a large 3.6-meter high pylon with a display indicating the number of available spaces in all parking lots. The team used high pylons to show this information before visitors arrived at the hospital’s entrance.

Modulex is happy with this project’s outcome and looks forward to future projects with AUH Denmark.

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