February 24 – 2021.

Zleep Hotels, founded in 2010, is an affordable hotel chain based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It currently owns more than 14 hotels in Denmark and Sweden, and more are on the way. Zleep Hotels has been a client of Modulex Denmark since 2018. Since the beginning of the collaboration, it has opened five hotels in Stockholm, Sweden and Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. Our Team in Denmark underwent a complete orientation concept and implemented the signage in Copenhagen’s new hotels.

We ensured guests could find their way to, from and inside the hotel with interior courier signs. We implemented a clear, elegant and visible facade brand sign with LED lights. Rooms were decorated with local motifs printed on the wallpaper related to the location and the city where the hotel is located and messenger-style interior signs. We were entrusted with decorating a large lamp in the living room area with foil print, wall decoration with foil text, and several small wedges for freshwater, reception, etc.

We were happy with the outcome of the project, but more importantly, our clients were. We look forward to working with Zleep on their next project!

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