November 22 – 2022.

The team in Northern Ireland have been working with the company Stena helping to supply internal and external signage for a new centre at the Belfast Docks.

The main shipping route from Northern Ireland to the UK is from Belfast to Liverpool using the Stena Line Sailings. With many people using the Belfast Docks to access this route, lots of clearly understood signage is essential.

The team manufactured and supplied five illuminated flex lace signs and a sizeable built-up letter sign on the far side of the building, welcoming people to Belfast. The signage not only creates a warm and welcoming feel to tourists and haulage companies, but it also succeeds in helping people enter and exit the ships faster and more efficiently than before.

The team are pleased with this project’s outcome, which was completed on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

Photo credit: Gareth Andrews photography.

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