October 13 – 2021.

South West Jutland Hospital is an 80,000 square meter facility located in Esbjerg, Denmark. A large facility with 370 beds, which employs 3,000 employees per year, with approximately 33,000 admissions, 390,000 outpatient visits. Modulex’s mission was to create an orientation strategy to guide patients, family, staff, and other users so that they can easily find their destination with a simple and straightforward sign system. We developed and implemented a well-functioning orientation concept and developed an interior and exterior signage design for the hospital. Exterior Messenger is a very flexible and successful product that has been tested in many of our hospital projects worldwide. It is a highly durable product that is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. For the interior orientation, we implemented sleek looking Messenger Interior signage complemented by Via Interior and wallpaper.

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