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January 13 – 2023.
Modulex and Dansk Wilton worked together to develop ReBond, a new eco-friendly signage material made from recycled carpet waste.

Carpets are widely used in the hospitality and cruise ship industry due to the warmth, comfort, and elegance they provide. However, due to the strict requirements of the hospitality industry, carpets are replaced and disposed of more often than we think, generating tons of waste in the process.

Dansk Wilton, one of the leading carpet manufacturers focusing on sustainability, was trying to find a solution to give this waste a second life. To address the problem, they set out to find a way to re-purpose carpet waste and started working with Modulex to develop signage products from it.

After more than a year of collaboration, this pilot project has succeeded in recovering carpet waste to create architectural signage products. It has helped us change from exclusively using virgin raw materials to making new products and generating value from waste instead.

ReBond is made using waste from Dansk Wilton’s Cradle to Cradle certified carpet solution. Once collected, textile waste and scraps are shredded and mixed with a binding fibre to produce felts, made of 75% recycled carpet and 25% binding fibre.

Felts are then pressed into 3mm sheets with a white surface layer that enables direct print. While the surface and appearance of ReBond are brand new, the sides of the panels bear a faint hint of the colour of the original carpets, leaving a trail of its previous life.

ReBond enabled Modulex and Dansk Wilton to embark on this exciting pilot project and generate a circular loop by using another industry’s waste to generate value in our own. Formerly in a ship or hotel, carpet waste is given a second life and upcycled as architectural signage.

Although still at a pilot stage, this project has strengthened our determination at Modulex to develop signage that contributes to a circular economy and minimizes the use of virgin raw materials and natural resources.

Watch the video to learn more about this innovative material!

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