July 28 – 2021.

Danvik Folkehøgskole is a Christian folk high school in Drammen. The school was started in 1913. In 2013/14, the school offers eight study lines within the media and creative disciplines: Film, author study, radio and audio production, acting techniques, television production, game development, photo study, and animation.

Our Team in Norway installed the signs for this school many years ago. A while ago, they got a new logo and were thus renewing existing signs. Initially, the project was the exterior signs.

The existing monolith was a Basic Exterior; it was only fully foiled and restored with a new logo when renewed.
The facade sign and the sign at the driveway are custom signs produced by Sign Production, a local manufacturer. This time, only the facade sign was re-produced. It was then natural to use the same manufacturer as they already had the measurements on the sign. We then used the same manufacturer for the vinyl for the other signs.

The challenge on this implementation was the facade sign. There is a steep hill below, which makes it difficult to access there. We ended up using one of the most oversized lifts that were suitable for this particular installation.

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