Green Cast®

Green Cast® is a new generation cast acrylic made from 100% recycled MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer).  

The production of Green Cast® begins with the collection of manufacturing scraps and post-consumer acrylic waste, reclaimed across Europe, which are then sorted and ground into pieces. This waste is regenerated through thermal cracking, which recovers the original solvent from PMMA, followed by distillation to obtain recycled MMA. This process generates by-products used in the same process to produce energy, lowering the final carbon footprint of the product. The recycled MMA is used at 100% instead of virgin acrylic to produce Green Cast® sheets, giving this waste a new life and reducing the use of raw materials.  

Green Cast® sheets do not contain any substances listed in the SVHC list in quantities above 0.1% and comply with the most recent REACH regulations regarding “Substances of Very High Concern”. Furthermore, Green Cast® is 100% VOC and HFC-free. 

Signage made from Green Cast® is produced at our Billund, Denmark factory, where all electricity is 100% CO2 neutral and printed graphics are UL Greenguard Gold certified. All Green Cast® production waste at our factory will be collected and sent back to recycling.  

While it has the same durability and functional properties as virgin acrylic, the production of Green Cast® uses less water and primary resources and ultimately helps reduce the amount of acrylic waste sent to landfills or incineration. Green Cast® has a carbon footprint 75% lower than virgin acrylics throughout its entire life cycle and can be recycled repeatedly.  

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