April 29 – 2021.

Modulex Group announces today that current CEO Ketil M. Staalesen moves into a majority ownership role. This move, a long time in the making, will set Modulex up to achieve Staalesen’s goal of DKK 1 billion in revenue and a Group EBITDA of 10%.

A native Norwegian, Ketil is a citizen of the world, having lived in several countries worldwide, including Denmark, Germany, Spain, UK, Mexico and the US. He completed his MBA at EBCM Barcelona/Munich.

This week marks my 20th anniversary at Modulex. I grew up in this company professionally, and I can’t think of a more fitting week to move into a majority ownership position and take Modulex into a new era.”

Modulex, founded by the LEGO Group, has been a Denmark headquartered company since 1963. With offices and factories around the world, Modulex is a global leader in visual communication solutions. Their capabilities started in manufacturing and evolved into architectural signage, Design + Build solutions, global rebranding and recently launched a line up of green products in a continuing effort to offer sustainable solutions to clients.

I feel a great responsibility to honour the Danish roots and the founder, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s vision for Modulex. The company has weathered significant change over the decades, and thanks to my incredible team and personal commitment from Peter Thorsen, our position is very strong. I have always felt incredible support from the team,” says Staalesen. Thorsen, a trusted mentor and business associate to Staalesen, will stay on a minority partner.

The future of Modulex is in excellent hands,” says Peter Thorsen. “I have had the pleasure of working and mentoring Ketil for many years and see him develop into the leader Modulex needs. His vision, passion and his ability to bring an idea into action will bring Modulex to a new level.”

For more information, visit modulex.com.

About Modulex:
Founded in 1963 by the LEGO group, Modulex is a global leader in visual communication and brand implementation. Rooted in Danish design excellence and a modular signage concept, Modulex has evolved its offering with design, wayfinding, exterior custom solutions, and brand implementations on a local or global scale. In 2019 the ISO9001 certified factory in Denmark created a sustainable product line and had been awarded the Green Network diploma for nine straight years. The multi-national group has five factories globally. It has a presence in over 300 cities across 45 countries, giving them infinite reach and the ability to deliver on its promise of global vision, local reach, and one company.

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