Our Purpose

The Heart of Our Story

Our diversity, collaboration, and innovation culture allow us to create customised visual communications. We are collaborators, constantly looking for the strongest solution for our customer’s brand experience.

Our journey began six decades ago when a visionary, innovative founder brought the idea of Modulex to life. These qualities continue to define us today. We have cultivated a global community of cultural backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge through years of innovation, change, and breaking down barriers.

The richness of our team’s diversity inspires our solutions. Our culture of collaboration fuels our creative spirit, enabling us to empathetically craft visual experiences that resonate with different individuals.

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. We approach each project as an opportunity to exceed expectations, customising solutions to meet unique needs. We foster lasting partnerships founded on trust and the knowledge that our people, the heart of our success, always have clients’ best interests at their core.

As industry leaders, innovation is what drives us. We are fueled by pursuing more sustainable products and business practices, pioneering cutting-edge technologies, and pushing boundaries to maintain our position in visual communications.

We are more than a company; we are a global team of individuals drawn together by a shared desire for our industry through innovation and sustainable solutions, contributing to a better tomorrow.  

The Journey to Our Purpose Statement

Most Say They are Different;
We Actually Are

Our team consists of industry-leading experts with a wealth of experience in the branding and signage implementation world, both on a local and global scale. Our edge – not only do we dream it; we build it, which makes us different. Our design concepts are brought to life by our very own Team in one of our multiple production plants around the globe. We dream, we build, and we install – with a whole lot of steps in between. More importantly, we’ve got your back every step of the process and will be there to cheer you on at the finish line.

Our Story

You could say we have been around the block. Founded by the LEGO group, Modulex has been in the visual communications solutions business since 1963. We know a thing or two about the industry and are exceptional at what we do.

Our multi-national group, with several factories globally and a presence in over 300 cities across 45 countries, give us infinite reach and the ability to implement your project on brand, on budget and on time.

Step 01

1963: Modular Signage

Lego becomes the founder of a modular signage system company. Modulex is launched with a strong foundation rooted in a history of Danish quality.

Step 01

1982: Architectural Signage

We expanded beyond manufacturing to provide our clients with custom solutions.

Step 01

2008: Design + Build

Design-led and creative services division is launched. An integrated service model combining design with fabrication and installation.

Step 01

2012: Global Branding

Created to manage the consultation and implementation of local and global brand rollouts. Leveraging our in-house manufacturing, design capabilities and global reach.

Step 01

2019: Green Products

With. a focus on sustainability and innovation, Etronit and GreenBond™ are launched by our Research & Development team.

Step 01

2022: Project Management Software

We invest in cloud-based software so projects can unite designers, clients, installers, and fabricators.

Step 01

2023: Rebond

In collaboration with Dansk Wilton and Elektro-Isola, we launched Rebond, an architectural signage material made from carpet waste.

Step 01

2023: ISO 14001

Modulex is excited to announce that its Billund, Denmark factory has achieved the ISO 14001 certification, reinforcing the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Step 01

2023: Wave

We launched Wave, the first complete signage system crafted from 100% recycled material.

Step 01

2024: Verifind

Verifind employs state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology to analyse how users interact with visual cues and communication elements while navigating a space.

Leadership Team

Board and Executive Management

At Modulex, we believe our strength is the diversity and breadth of shared experiences. Our board and leadership team come from all walks of life and places globally, bringing different perspectives and insights.

Our clients and employees are located all over the world. Our goal is to ensure we are fully immersed in different geographical areas, improving our understanding of regional business trends and social issues. We are committed to establishing a strong presence in different geographical areas, as we recognize the importance of immersing ourselves in local communities.

Ketil M. Staalesen

Chief Executive Officer

christine Jamieson

Christine Jamieson

Chief Marketing Officer

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Mikkel Arreborg

Chief Finance &
Operations Officer

Philippa Brown

Director, Global Account
Strategy & Board Member

Søren Sonne

Chairman of the Board

Global Account and Senior Management Team