Everything you need to manage and collaborate on a wayfinding and signage project.

At Modulex, we have been in the signage and wayfinding business for over 59 years. We understand the importance and sometimes struggles to create an accurate and effective wayfinding plan efficiently.

Our unique platform, eModulex, is a cloud-based software that helps at all stages in the process. It allows users to create, design, plan, and manage accurate and effective wayfinding and sign programs, improving processes and reducing costs.

Project Designers

We will introduce you to a whole new world of efficiency, keeping all aspects of your project in one place.

Facility Managers

Updated and accurate signage is critical to the visitors to your facility, and we can help you efficiently and easily manage that.

Sign Makers

eModulex will ensure your files are complete with accurate specifications, locations, and any unique details requested by the client.