March 27 – 2017.

Continuing to service the Carolinas area, SignalFactors Inc is now Modulex Carolinas.

As a leader in the industry of signage solutions, the established Carolinas team joins Modulex, the world’s largest signage and environmental graphics organization, as a partner on March 27, 2017.

“SignalFactors has worked hard to create partnerships with clients, architects and designers by creating a process driven culture that complements how they like to work. The partnership with Modulex allows both organizations to combine our successes to strengthen the support we work hard to provide.

In keeping with SignalFactors strategic growth to better support our clients, the partnership with Modulex allows the two companies to strengthen our unique approach in the signage industry. Our corporate cultures are very much alike and we are excited for everyone involved in this new partnership.”– John Elvington, President of Modulex Carolinas

Working with organizations, general contractors, architects and designers to serve a wide range of sectors, Modulex Carolinas has become a trusted provider of interior and exterior signage.

As a Modulex partner, Modulex Carolinas will be supported by the expertise of the Modulex Group, a network of over 300 offices in 45 counties around the world. Founded by Denmark’s LEGO Group in 1963, Modulex is a pioneer in the development of sustainable, modular signage systems.

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