March 1 – 2016.

Modulex Americas Miami Office
The Modulex Americas Miami office has moved to One Flagler, an iconic building in the heart of the city’s financial district. Located at 1st and Flagler, the office’s new home, designed by modernist architect Morris Lapidus, is a prime example of MiMo (or Miami Modern architecture) and has been a defining presence since its construction in 1952. Newly rejuvenated, One Flagler is a key part of the area’s resurgence as the centre of Miami’s vibrant international business scene and the perfect home for our Miami team.

The new Miami office address is:

14 NE 1st Ave Suite 707,
Miami FL 33132

Tel: +1.954.347.4998  |

Connect with the Miami team to discuss your signage needs at any stage of your project. We are happy to work with you in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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