February 5 – 2020.

New year, new projects!

With the new Chinese year, we’re pleased to announce Modulex China. Due to our growth in Asia, Modulex China will be the hub for all of our highly custom manufacturing. Our leading-edge technology and our experienced professional team, along with an assortment of tools and equipment, allows us to achieve exact detail for intricate and custom designs.

Mrs. JoJo Li will lead the office in China expanding Modulex China’s presence into the Asian region. Jojo earned her bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Commerce from Jiangsu University, and also holds a professional certificate of Psychology from the Changzhou Teacher Colleague. Jojo is a proven businesswoman with more than twelve years of experience in the signage manufacturing industry. Her broad areas of expertise include sign design, manufacturing, purchasing, business QA / QC process improvement and customer relations.

Modulex China operates at an international level, delivering bespoke solutions with the same efficiency and budget as your local providers, regardless of country or region. Working with any of our Modulex offices, or directly with our team, you will have access to our products and services anywhere in the world.

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