Projects Are Notoriously Late & Over Budget

May 18, 2022.

Often, it’s a result of underestimating how much lead time is actually required for a signage project. Many moving parts/people affect a signage project and some that many don’t anticipate. Supply chain issues are continuing to plague our industry and cause unanticipated road bumps.

So how much lead time is enough? There isn’t one answer that fits everyone. Signage projects come in all sizes and complexities. It’s never too early to ask and get a good sense of the lead time you will require

At Modulex, we have a 7-step approach to implementing our projects. In our 59 years, we have completed many projects worldwide and are happy to share our experience with you. We can take you through all the steps required to ensure you aren’t part of the “notoriously late and over budget” statistic.

Our mission is to help you be on brand, on budget and on time!

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