Modulex and Accus, Leaders in Sustainable Signage Solutions, Announce Merger in Sweden

February 8– 2024.
Stockholm, Sweden

Modulex Group, a global leader in visual communication solutions, is pleased to announce an upcoming merger in Sweden with Accus, one of Sweden’s foremost providers of sustainable and circular signage solutions. The decision to bring Accus and Modulex together is rooted in aligning their respective business strategies, driven by shared values and a collective vision for the future of sustainable development. 

André Zandelin, CEO/Owner of Accus, expressed his enthusiasm about the merger, stating, “The joining of our two companies is built on shared values and a desire to contribute to positive impact. We are now enhancing our value proposition to our customers with an even broader and stronger range of sustainable products and services. At the same time, we are making significant investments in innovation to further minimize the environmental impact of signage.” 

While both companies share a standard set of values, they each bring unique strengths. Since 2016, Accus has been at the forefront of developing a sustainable and circular business approach. In contrast, Modulex has created modular, eco-friendly, and certified products. This merger will offer the Swedish market a broader, more sustainable array of products and solutions. 

“We are truly excited about this merger in Sweden”, says Ketil M. Staalesen, CEO of Modulex Group. “It brings together two companies that have independently been working to introduce greener alternatives to the Swedish market. Together, we can leverage each other’s strengths and positively impact our industry.” 

Modulex and Accus share a common goal to redefine the standards for sustainable signage solutions, creating an impact that reflects their shared values and dedication to positive change. This merger marks the commencement of an exciting chapter, promising more robust, eco-friendly, and impactful solutions for customers worldwide. 

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 About Modulex Group: 

Founded in 1963 by the LEGO Group and since 2009, owned by managing partners and external investors, Modulex is a global leader in visual communications. Rooted in Danish design excellence and a modular signage concept, Modulex has evolved its offering with design, wayfinding, custom solutions, and brand implementations.  In 2019, Denmark’s ISO9001 and 14001 certified factory created a sustainable product line and was awarded the Green Network diploma ten consecutive times. The multi-national Group has several production facilities globally. It has a presence in over 300 cities across 45 countries, offering infinite reach and the ability to deliver on its promise of global vision, local reach, and one company. 

About Accus AB: 

Accus AB leads in urban visual communication and wayfinding, prioritizing positive impacts on people and the planet. Their mission is to deliver tailored solutions that meet client needs while promoting sustainability. They integrate eco-design and circular strategies throughout operations, from product development to the supply chain, offering beautiful, functional products with reduced environmental footprints. Accus AB has received prestigious awards for sustainability efforts and signage excellence, proud to promote eco-friendly solutions in the industry.  

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André Zandelin, CEO/Owner of Accus, and Magnus Wettergård, Managing Partner Modulex Sweden.

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